Tools für dein Versteck

Einheit 32 Module 7

Meditation: CalmHeadspaceWaking Up

In Zeiten von Stress und Hektik brauchen wir auch Zeit für Achtsamkeit und Selbstfürsorge. Unser eigenes Wohlgefühl braucht Aufmerksamkeit und in our day-to-day lives, many find it useful to have a go-to app for wellness and meditation (monthly subscriptions are an Automattic employee benefit). To round up the experience, check out books like Chade-Meng Tan’s Search Inside Yourself and David L. Levin’s Raise Your Inner Game.

Fitn: Fitbod

Fitbod serves users bodyweight-based exercises tailored to their needs and preferences, which makes it ideal for remote workers who can no longer attend their usual gym classes.Tageslicht ound Kunstlicht

Licht: Philips Hue

Whether it’s for a change of mood, better video-chat visuals, or an extra dose of coziness, this line of smart-lighting options opens up a world of possibilities (and you can control them right from your smartphone via the Hue app).

Content Consumption: The WordPress and Tumblr apps

Available for both iOS and Android devices, the WordPress mobile app is not only the best way to update your site on the go — it also comes with a handy reader where you can aggregate all your favorite news sites and blogs into one constantly updating feed.

Looking to stay connected to the zeitgeist even if you’re stuck at home? The Tumblr app will help you discover artists, creators, musicians, and — of course — all the latest memes.

Note-taking: Simplenote

True to its name, Simplenote — an Automattic product — is a minimalist-yet-powerful note-taking app (available on desktop as well as iOS and Android), perfect for drafts, journaling, and the occasional shopping list.

Social Interaction: Houseparty

Billing itself as a “face-to-face social network,” Houseparty facilitates games, sing-alongs (karaoke, anyone?), and conversation with all your far-flung (or simply stay-at-home) friends and family.

General Professional Well-Being: Getting Dressed

While distributed companies like Automattic are famous for empowering their workers to stay in pyjamas all day long (pants: optional?), leading homebound lives for weeks on end, as many do now, can be disorienting. Dressing up for work — as if, paradoxically, you were heading out to an office you don’t have (or don’t usually have to work from) can help us feel more present, professional, and focused.