Tools für mobilen Einsatz

Einheit 31 Module 7

Light Computing: MacBook Air

When Apple released the original MacBook Air in 2008, it felt as though the platonic ideal of the laptop had finally arrived. It was light enough to carry around all day, but powerful enough to perform the most common business tasks. Over a decade later, it’s still the gold standard. 

Mobile WiFi Router: GL.iNet GL-AR750 Travel AC Router

Take your secure private network wherever you go with this mobile WiFi router. It supports VPN encryption, and you’ll no longer have to connect all your devices individually every single time you connect to a new network.

Multi-cable: Chafon 6-in-1 USB Multi Charge Cable

Say goodbye to the tangle of cables that often makes multi-device life on the road far too clunky. If we have to live in a world with Lightning, micro-USB, mini-USB, and USB-C, it’s nice to have one cable to rule them all. 

Battery: Qualcomm Quick Charge

Sometimes there’s just no wall outlet to be found. That’s when you want a portable battery to juice you up. This device charges quickly and will keep you powered on in a pinch. 

International Adapter: Lenmar 

This small, reliable, and affordable set of international adapters removes a common source of friction on cross-regional travel. 

Charging Port: Native Union Smart HUB Bridge

If you spend a lot of time in hotels or at conferences, this device is handy when you need to charge a bunch of devices, and out-of-the-way outlets just aren’t cutting it. 

Laptop Bag: Aer Fit Pack 2

Matt Mullenweg likes this bag so much he wrote a blog post about it. The bag boasts excellent build quality; it’s also the perfect size, whether you travel once a decade or spend more than 300 days a year on the road. 

Car Charger: Ventev Dash Port R1240 Car Charger

It’s small, it’s light, and it will keep you charged up when driving or riding. 

Phone Stand: LISEN

Being away from your home office and from your laptop doesn’t mean you need to become that one shaky, awkwardly positioned square in your Zoom participants’ grid. Plop your smartphone into this durable stand, and you’re good to go.