Tools für Teams

Einheit 29 Module 7

Design: InVision

Virtually all Fortune 500 companies use InVision, but it really shines in a distributed setting — probably because it was made by a distributed team. Gone are the days of emailing huge files back and forth; now, everything lives in the cloud so designers, developers, marketers, and external partners alike can work on sketches, prototypes, and wireframes — all the way to a finished product. 

Development: GitHub

GitHub represents one of the biggest innovations in coding, empowering developers to share and modify each other’s code with ease. It offers the version management inherent to Git, and adds handy administrative functionality. Even better: the team that created GitHub is partially distributed. 

Honorable MentionGlitch is another web-based coding tool where users can code in a web-based environment and then run that code in the same environment. Glitch, the company, is semi-distributed too. 

Social Media Management: Buffer

This distributed startup was one of the first to recognize that social media would attract organizations big enough to need to automate their posting activity. Their publishing and analytics tools are top notch. 

DevOps: Gitlab

DevOps is a business-driven software delivery approach in which people from across the organization collaborate. Distributed development teams need a DevOps solution that keeps everyone aligned, since they’re scattered all over the world; Gitlab delivers.