Tools fürs Heimstudio

Einheit 33 Module 7

Microphone: Shure SM5Shure SM7B

Matt Mullenweg uses these microphones, along with the equipment below, to record the Distributed podcast. 

Windscreen: Shure A2WS

You’ll want one of these to prevent wind, vocal pops, and other noise from sneaking into your recorded tracks. 

Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 & AES Cable: Mogami Gold AES-06

This interface boasts excellent microphone preamps and it’s portable, so you can take your podcast on the road. 

Mic Stand: On-Stage DS7200B (Desktop), Universal Mic Mount – PMKS5 (Standup)

These are two solid mic-stand options, one for your desktop and one that stands on the floor.