Tools fürs Homeoffice

Einheit 30 Module 7

Heavy Computing: MacBook Pro

A MacBook Air likely won’t be as effective for the heavy lifting that computationally demanding tasks require (think programming or video editing). But in the event of team meetups or on any other occasion when you’re on the go, you can still toss it in your bag. 

Smartphone: iPhone 11 Pixel 4

The finest iOS and Android mobile devices will keep you connected when you can’t get to your laptop. 

Headset: Sennheiser SC 30Sennheiser SC 130, or Sennheiser SC 160

You’d be hard-pressed to find higher-quality headsets at this price range, which is nice if you want to kit out your whole distributed team with the same audio quality. There are tradeoffs between going with the older model or the more recent ones; the latter represent the line’s latest audio improvements, but the headsets are also a bit more finicky.

Honorable mention: The Plantronics Voyager Focus headset is a bit more of a splurge, but comes with fantastic sound quality and active noise cancelling.

Audio Enhancement: Krisp

Even the best headset won’t remove all background noise from your team call. That’s where Krisp kicks in: it’s a machine learning-powered app that captures and removes noise both on your end and for the people you’re talking to.

Headphones: Jabra Elite 85h Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones

When you want to block out a noisy world and get some deep work done, you’ll want a good pair of over-ear headphones with noise cancellation. This is a solid pick that’s going to provide much better audio quality than the headset above. 

Speaker: Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

For smooth-running meetings wherever you might be, this bluetooth speaker makes it possible to stay on schedule (and enjoy solid, immersive sound quality) while on the go.

USB Hub: Satechi Aluminum Type-C Multimedia Adapter

When all you have is a laptop, it’s nice to have a single hub that can manage all your charging devices, dongles, and a video display. This one’s small enough to travel with you.

Honorable mention: This Wavlink USB hub is a solid — and considerably more affordable — alternative, and includes no fewer than four charging ports.

Standing Desk: Uplift Bamboo Stand Up Desk with 1″ Thick Desktop and V2 Frame

It’s 2020, and it’s clear that standing desks are no passing fad. Studies show distressing consequences for those of us who spend much of our waking hours in a sitting position. This standing desk is extra stable, and adjusting its height is a (smooth, quiet) breeze. 

Standing Desk Mat: Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata

If you’re using a standing desk at home, you may notice that your feet hurt after long periods of standing still. A standing desk mat provides cushion to prevent that discomfort.

Desk Chair: Herman Miller Sayl

This chair isn’t cheap, but if you’re going to sit at a desk for hours every day, you want a chair with solid back support and adjustment features. This one’s also got some serious style, which you may decide is worth the investment — it lives in your home, after all. 

Monitor: Dell Computer Ultrasharp U2415 24” LED Monitor

This monitor sits in a middle-of-the-road price point, offering sufficient quality for most people’s business tasks. If you need more screen, you can upgrade to a 27” model, or just get two of these. 

Webcam: Logitech C920S HD Pro

Laptop cameras have improved vastly since their inception, but desktop users will still get significantly better visuals if they clip this webcam to their monitors. It’s a solid pick at a nice price. 

Modem: Motorola MB7621

This modem supports up to 600Mbps, is widely supported, and comes with a good warranty. If you’re still paying a monthly fee to rent a modem, it might be time to reconsider that choice. 

WiFi Router: TP-Link AC4000

Similarly, we hope you’re not renting a wireless router from your ISP. This one’s not cheap, but it’s probably several notches better than anything your ISP is providing. It’s got strong range and three wireless bands, so your important conference call won’t grind to a halt when your kids start streaming cartoons. 

Honorable mentionNETGEAR’s Nighthawk AX12 is a higher-end, but extremely robust alternative for your home WiFi needs.

WiFi Booster: Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi System

Is your connection feeling sluggish? Do your video calls keep feeling choppy? The eero Pro helps boost your internet speed around your house using a mesh network. (Pro tip: even the best and fastest connections sometimes drop, so set up your phone for tethering as a backup. If you have access to an LTE network, even your Zooms should work just fine.)