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What's up?

Glad to see you here.
My name is Heiko Römhild and please call me Heiko.

This homepage is my hobby - not my business. I am enthusiastic about the new opportunities that are offered to us in this world. Internet, digitalisation, globalisation and climate protection are exciting topics.

I would like to be sustainable, close to nature and both economic and ecological - which is not easy. The world is becoming more and more complex, developments are happening rapidly and often I can only marvel.

"My" website is never completely finished - it is constantly being built, changed, supplemented and deleted. If you look critically. find some bugs or things that don't work. I am looking forward to your feedback and understanding.

On this page I will introduce myself, reveal something about my vision/dreams and wishes. I'll tell you a story. History of thethat could be my life. I hope that you feel addressed and I will soon get to know your story.

What others appreciate about me:

My bet,

my loose nature,

my spontaneity,

my energy,

my friendly nature,

my willingness to go forward,

my creativity,

my ideas,

my team effort,

my frankness,

my enthusiasm,

my positive attitude,

my laughter,

my deep voice and

my power that can do a lot of things.

What others appreciate about me:

My bet,

my loose nature,

my spontaneity,

my energy,

my friendly nature,

my willingness to go forward,

my creativity,

my ideas,

my team effort,

my frankness,

my enthusiasm,

my positive attitude,

my laughter,

my deep voice and

my power that can do a lot of things.

Relevant trainings and important self experiences for my coaching offers and my being a coach:

  • Studied Business Administration at the University of Cooperative Education Ravensburg 1987-1990
  • 10 years of experience as a buyer, salesperson and retail manager, including at Media Markt
  • Management experience in various positions, as direct superior and as superior of executives.
  • SAP trainer for SAP standard courses in the area of SAP Retail, extensive experience in training SAP consultants in an international environment 1998 - 2000
  • SAP senior consultant for change projects and SAP implementation in international trading companies
  • SAP sales, extensive experience in the area of partner management, pre-sales, sales presentation, workshop, moderation in the international business area on the level of managing director / board of directors
  • Sales, trainer and moderator training at various institutes
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training:
  •  "Leadership and difficult staff discussions" 1998
  • NLP Basic Course - as participant, co-trainer, trainer 2005-2008
  • NLP Practicioner Course - at two different institutes, as participant, repeater and co-trainer 2006-2008
  • NLP Business Practitioner Course - Inntal Institute Bad Aibling 2006
  • NLP Master Course - as participant, repeater and co-trainer, Saarbrücken 2009
  • NLP Business Master - as participant and repeater, Inntal Institute Bad Aibling, 2010
  • NLP Coach - Inntal Institute Bad Aibling
  • NLP in a Team, Systemic Training - Inntal Institut Bad Aibling
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice:
  • Training progressive muscle relaxation 1980
  • Education autogenous training 1981
  • Regular practice of Yoga, initiation to Krija Yoga 2016
  • Regular practice of Buddhist meditation and mindfulness exercises according to Ayya Kemma
  •  Practice of the Bon tradition according to Tenzing Wangyal Rinpoche, Dzogchen exercises, lucid dreaming, activating subtle holy bodies and inner refuge 
  • Hypnosystemic training DBVC:
  • Organizational curriculum and supervision for competence activating hypnosystemic concepts for coaching, personality, team and organizational development, training recognized by the German Association for Coaching DBVC (Hypnosystemic Cognintuitions-Coaching) at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg, Dr. Gunther Schmidt 2011-2013
  • Hypnosis training with various trainers and institutes
  • Training and self-awareness with relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, Arcem meditation, trance or hypnosis.
  • Spiritual coaching, use of mentors, helpers and certain trance procedures, training with Roy and Joy Martina
  • NARM - Self-awareness in a Year's Training, Neuroaffective Relationship Model for Healing Developmental Trauma - The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM)*, 2010-2012
  • Self-awareness in body-oriented personality development, annual training 2013 - 2105 Switzerland, part of the group meets regularly until today, accompanies and exchanges itself.
  • Project and problem manager at SAP, international project teams, complex systemic root cause analysis and problem solving in a very dynamic environment with high rates of change and high workloads for employees.

About my methods and competences

If you want to work with me, you should know something about my methods and competences. Of course this does not replace the personal impression or your own inner feeling of coherence.

Perhaps you would like to know what training I have and what they are useful for?

If so, you will find some answers here.

As an employee I have over 20 years of experience in international companies. I am used to managing projects that connect different continents and cultures. I have been a leader over several hierarchical levels and am used to lead without authority. Over 30 years of experience in sales, both direct and indirect.


I have completed a very profound NLP training at various institutes. All NLP courses I have passed several times. As participant, repeater, co-trainer and trainer. I have successfully completed my NLP Business Master at the Inntal Institute.


I am also a certified DBVC Coach and have additional training in body oriented dream treatment NARM, trance coaching, hypnosis and mental coaching. I have completed several years of self-experience and have been on a world tour for 2 1/2 years, which I call an intensive intercultural basic training.

Maja Storch's "Zurich Resources Model ZRM" has left a deep impression on me. She works in a structured way with conscious and unconscious processes. Maja works intensively with body-oriented processes, new German embodiment. I am convinced that the power comes from ourselves - from our body itself.

My most formative training was with Gunther Schmidt at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg: "Hypnosystemic concepts for competence activation in personality, team and organizational development". Good friends confirm that I already speak like Gunther. Gunther had the great luck to have met Milton Erickson personally. He learned a lot from Erickson and probably vice versa. I owe Gunther a lot, both in my own trials and in understanding the world.

Gunther Schmidt

Thank you very much Gunther.

My values and beliefs

I am convinced that the basis of all thinking, talking and acting should correspond to sound values. I am concerned here with guidelines and guidance. Values should not be slavishly restrictive. Their purpose is to provide strength, security and orientation.

The following enumeration does not represent any ranking or meaning, but follows the alphabet.


Freedom arises in the moment between an impulse we feel and the action. We have the possibility to make a choice and are not (always) helplessly at the mercy of our impulses. The more choices we experience, the greater and more diverse is our scope of action. This has a direct influence on the freedom we experience. Any kind of coaching should lead to more flexibility and adaptability. People with high adaptability increase their ability to survive and achieve greater personal success.

Autopoetry, self-creation

Every person defines himself and strives for self-preservation. It follows, for example, that the meaning of a message is defined exclusively by the recipient. Therefore all coaching conversations are only effective because of the client's meaning. The coach thus becomes a consulting service provider. The actual coaching is only based on the success and performance of the client.


Freedom is a value that expresses itself in many facets. For example in freedom of action, I have the choice to perform an action or not. Freedom of thought, I can think what I want. Freedom of speech, and also to express and make known what I think. Freedom to choose my profession, my place of residence, my employer, to become self-employed and offer my own services on the market.


Means to me that men and women are from the same tribe. We all strive together for happiness and contentment and are together on planet earth. All this makes us brothers and sisters.

concentration, willpower

We live in an infinite space of possibilities. If we were aware of this, we could hardly act, it would simply overwhelm us. So in order to be able to act, we direct our attention to a section of the world. Within this reality we experience ourselves as capable of acting. The ability to shift the focus of our attention is achieved through concentration. Meditation, for example, strengthens our ability to concentrate.

People with high willpower can achieve more than people with high intelligence and weak willpower. Willpower can be trained.


The human being is in the foreground. It cannot be that the value of individual companies or institutions is higher than the value of an individual person. People have good and so-called bad sides or characteristics. I am of the opinion that it should be possible to understand people as a whole. I am not of the opinion that all actions of a person are to be accepted.


For me, sustainable measures and developments are those that endure by themselves. For example, when I learn a new language and use it so often on a regular basis that I master it all my life. Or when I learn to ride a bike, I don't have to learn it again every time I get back on the bike.
So if it is possible to internalize measures so that they are an integral part of one's own personality, the way a team communicates or the way an organization is set up, I think it is sustainable.


The kingdom lies within us. As soon as we recognize which possibilities lie within ourselves and we clearly make ourselves responsible for this part, we also have the chance to regain power over ourselves. It is important for me to clearly distinguish between what lies within ourselves and what lies with others. With increasing self-responsibility self-confidence and self-love can grow.


We humans are deeply connected with the nature surrounding us. All our senses with which we perceive our environment are highly developed and allow our (survival) life on planet earth. I am convinced that the more open and wide our senses perceive this wonderful world around us, the more intense and real our life will be.

So when we sharpen our senses, we also sharpen our sense.

Sense Orientation

The power and motivation for successful coaching and thus for all desired changes come from a sense orientation. I personally no longer believe in goals as the basis for successful change.

Goals change as much as many things in our lives are constantly changing. Change is life. But meaning can persist and can give strength and orientation.

He who has found his purpose may also reach for the stars and shine brightly.

Strengthen strength

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in different situations. It makes no sense to use your own weaknesses when there is someone who has a strength here. Who has which strength and which weakness when? How can everyone in a team use their strength optimally? Which known and unknown strengths does someone have and how can these strengths be used?

Team spirit

If we strengthen our strengths, what do we do with our weaknesses? We find someone else who is strong where I am weak. Whoever succeeds in building good cooperation and partnerships will become stronger themselves. This is an ancient principle of human survival. In our world, cooperation has become possible for "almost" everyone.

Once upon a time ..., dhe story I consider my life ...

began early in the morning of 5th March 1967 in a maternity clinic in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. I don't remember too much. I must therefore rely on my parents' story. Peter and Kläre Römhild.

On the way to the foreign journey to Romania to the Black Sea.

Somehow an important step, because this vacation was without my parents. My little brother Jörg was also there.

It was a supervised youth group. I was called "dots" by the others because I had so many freckles had. I'm I've often beautiful brown skin, like everyone else wanted. Somehow I didn't well-felt. Today this has changed, but it has also been a long way.

When I now see this picture - I like myself very much! And that feels good.

Dottchen You are great - the way you are!

Earning my first money and starting my professional development

began in 1982 as a dishwasher in the pub on Gehrenberg. I was 15 years old and my first girlfriend had a different understanding of faithful relationship than me. My heart was broken and my best friend did a cooking apprenticeship. He said they needed a dishwasher and if I wanted to. That's how I made my first money. The inn offered me a lot, from dishwashers, feeding pigs, showing movies, sound and light technicians at a cabaret stage to taps, building fences and catching sheep. Unfortunately, I also got close to cigarettes and alcohol here. In the "best" times, I smoked four boxes and drank 20 beers. Perhaps not the best place for a young man, but very rich in experience.

I had also worked briefly on a tape at ALPLA Alpen Plastik in Markdorf. There was a huge hall with many very noisy machines that were constantly pumping, squeaking, hissing and humming. Again and again a siren went off and flashing lights indicated that one of the machines needed first aid from a human. There were some older women at my band who did the work with incredible equanimity. I was completely overwhelmed. As often as possible I took breaks, the work was so monotonous and dull - almost unbelievable. I admired the women, how could they do this work over the years? What man is capable of, unbelievable. After three or four days, I couldn't go on. I didn't want to go there anymore. After the summer holidays another student said that I would still get my salary. I gathered all my courage and went to the personnel manager. I was standing in the office and he actually had a pay packet of cash for me about 90 DM. I was stunned, he gave me the money. He said then something like me would have taken someone else's chance to make money.

Only much later did I find out that one of the owners of ALPLA Helmut Scheffknecht in Markdorf is one of the richest men and owns the most houses and apartments. I think he even has the most beautiful house with the most beautiful property, Villa am Wald in Markdorf am Gehrenberg.

Then in 1983 I left school - because it didn't seem meaningful to me. I could barely read and write - dyslexic. Apparently I was the only one with this problem, so what was I supposed to do at school? I then went to Dornier for a year as an office assistant. That was my luck. Because I drove with Dr. Brettfeld almost every day. He lived nearby and had the same way to "work" as me. I am very grateful to him for many things, because he took care of my questions with an incredible patience. I think he was really glad to have someone who absorbed his knowledge like a dry sponge. He understood my way of thinking. He explained everything to me so well that I could understand it. I've learned so much more this year than I've learned so far in my "school" learning. Dornier employs a lot of engineers and students and at some point I thought - what they can do, I can do it three times. That was the motivation to try school again.

Back in schoole it didn't take long, and the "old" troubles came up. My self-confidence wasn't as pronounced as my appearance would have suggested. About the inn - cabaret stage Gehrenberg - I came to the Elektro Schäfer in Ravensburg for light/sound technology. They were looking for someone to fix up the exhibit. all hi-fi systems and television set should be connected and ready for use when a customer wanted a demonstration. I thoughte, iI am in heaven - everything was warm and fitted with carpet. I was used to build fences outside on the meadow and feed the pigs 😉

The first big change in my life - I meet an important person who changes everything.

And here I met Peter Holzwarth - the managing director of Elektro Schäfer. An impressive person, friendly, good looking, successful - strong charisma and charisma. Peter Holzwarth greeted me every day with a handshake and said goodbye. I hear him "Heiko, how you doin'?" That someone has given me so much attention and recognition was a gift from I'm not used to. He had full confidence and was thrilled with my performance. He said, "Heiko, you belong in commerce. You sell well. Stay with me and I will finance your education". I was flattened. He opened the way for me to study at the Berufsakademie, I only needed the Abitur.

With the motivation I went to the Abi - almost a second time from the school I've flown for bad grades, and now I've sat down and learned. Be at school at 7 in the morning - work with Elektro Schäfer in the afternoon, then in the pub and then study. It was two very intense years - hard work. Fortunately, the teachers generously overlooked my spelling mistakes, as I was able to complete my Abitur examination with 1.0.

1988-1991 with the study of business administration at the Berufsakademie in Ravensburg. After a short self-reliance In 1994, I took on restructuring tasks at MediaMarkt, first for departments and later for entire stores. Looking for a new challenge, I started in 1998 as a trainer and consultant at the SAP Retail Solution in St. Ingbert. Later I switched to SAP Bytandsvertrieb in Walldorf. I've worked with many German bycompanies and SAP partners. Here I was able to successfully expand my knowledge and skills in partner management, software technology and SAP corporate strategy.

In 2002, I moved to the SAP partner itelligence AG to strengthen the cooperation with SAP. Together with itelligence, SAP, IBM, HP and Fujitsu-Siemens, I developed, planned and implemented successful lead generation campaigns throughout Europe.

2003 - 2005 I went on a world tour and got to know many countries, cultures and people, went on expeditions on my own to high mountains in remote regions. Coming home was the best experience.

In 2005, TechniData gave me the opportunity to gain important experience in direct sales. From cold calling to signing a contract, I learned everything an SAP sales representative needs to know.

In 2011 the company TechniData was taken over by SAP and so I ended up back at SAP. Due to the takeover, I was briefly assigned to the area of pre-sales for sustainability products in Europe. As a leading expert in the field of REACH.a European law to protect people and the environment from the dangers of chemicals, I was able to travel almost every day for a few years. The need for information and there were only a few, dThe deal with both SAP and "REACH" will be a major step forward. I was familiar with. At some point I flew daily and gave appointments, workshops and presentations in another city. For my travel bookings and accounts a personal assistant was assigned to me, otherwise it would not have been possible for me.

One morning I woke up in the hotel and didn't know which city I was in. I just couldn't remember. Am I in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Moscow or London? I wanted to be in Amsterdam. Then I wondered why the bathroom is now on the left, it was still on the right yesterday. I just couldn't orient myself anymore. Then I knew it couldn't go on like this. I was looking for a new assignment. There was also a major reorganization at SAP, again. That's how I joined the BASF Account Team.

My experiences as trainer, coach, consultant

Since my early youth, I have been intensively engaged in relaxation methods due to severe migraine attacks. These include autogenic training, meditation, hypnosis, mindfulness and yoga. I am initiated to Kriya Yoga and practice regularly.

Since 1989 I have been gaining international experience as a presenter, trainer and moderator. I have conducted either a training, a presentation, a moderation or a seminar leadership over 800 times. I met a lot of people from different cultures and business positions. 

Since 1999 I have been continuously training myself in the field of NLP. I am NLP-Business-Master and NLP-Coach. I have further training in hypnosis, body-oriented trauma therapy and spiritual coaching.

Since 2005 I run my own coaching practice. In addition, I work as an in-house coach. In the last 20 years I have conducted countless individual and group coaching sessions. I have had conversations with trainees and board members. My clients come from USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and many more countries. I have developed special formats that can be quickly applied to a large group of people. And I've developed deep formats that work very quickly. I see myself as a service provider and provider of new "realities".

The actual coaching performance is always provided by the coachee/client himself. From my own painful experience, for example as a dyslexic at school, I know that it always depends on yourself. No coach in the world can do magic or make someone else feel better or worse. It is rather a matter of showing a way, walking together and then becoming more secure in the new and unfamiliar. Only the client himself can provide this adjustment service. As a dyslexic I had become accustomed to bad reading and writing strategies because I didn't know any better. It was only when I read a book when I was 23 years old, explaining exactly what to do, that I was able to acquire new reading and writing strategies. They were so effective that I could read and write much better within a short time. I am now very good compared to where I come from, but even today it happens to me that I make "mistakes". My words do not correspond to the general view of right - my view of right does. And this general view of right and wrong is not established. 

In 2013 I completed my training as a DBVC certified coach with Gunther Schmidt at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg. The content of the training is competence-activating hypnosystemic concepts for coaching, personality, team and organisational development (hypnosystemic cognitive coaching).

From my own experience the concept of "LifeBalance - Self Coaching made easy" was born. I have experienced how good it is to relax deeply, especially in situations that are very stressful and threatening. A pure relaxation exercise to relax even more does not seem meaningful to me. Derived from the natural principle of the heart or breathing, the combination of both elements is an essential key for me.

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